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Residential Windows

Residential Windows

Installations & Replacements

Residential Windows

Imagine a house made for play, not the simple life. Windows of Texas knows how to give your home character- whichever style you prefer. Our residential windows will be perfect for your home. We work with many different distributors so you can get exactly what you want and need, whether you’re after specific colors, energy efficiency, quality, durability, and other important factors that make them perfect for your home. We strive to make sure you get residential windows that look good inside and on the outside of your home. We pride ourselves on years of customer satisfaction and quick installation. Give us a call today!

Custom Windows

Windows of Texas works with over 10 vendors around the US and sources windows in many sizes and shapes. We offer high quality windows with many options and features, such as different styles, sizes, energy efficiency, color, and more, to ensure a perfect look for your home.

Whether you need windows for your new house build or just want to replace the one you have, Windows of Texas has something for you. Our affordable pricing and free estimates will save you from spending more than what you should on replacement windows that won’t be as durable as the ones from Windows of Texas. Feel free to contact Windows of Texas if you have any questions or would like more information about our services.

Residential Exterior Doors

Installations & Replacements


Exterior Door Replacement

One of the most important parts of your home that you need to replace often are exterior doors because they tend to wear out faster than interior doors and offer less insulation from cold weather. Windows of Texas provides exterior door replacement services for homes in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Area. We can help you get rid of your old drafty doors while also reducing the amount of air pollution coming inside your home. With an average price below our competitors, we are sure to have something that will work for your budget.

An exterior door replacement is a wonderful way to upgrade the look of any home. There are many options available when considering this remodeling project including: single family homes and condos that require only one entry; two-family units where both sides have their own front entrances and more. The best type of selection will depend on what architectural design you want your new facade to represent. But have no worries, we will discuss your options with you to make sure it’s clear and what you need. It’s our commitment that every step in your exterior door replacement process goes smoothly so you can be ready for the weather changes with minimal worry.

Exterior Sliding Doors

Imagine a cool, crisp fall day and you are standing in your living room looking out into your backyard. A sudden breeze rolls through as leaves begin to swirl outside and you feel the nice breeze pass by you. Exterior sliding doors can make this feeling possible.

If you’re a fan of modern design, sliding glass doors are your best bet. Made with either retractable or stationary panels made from tough materials like vinyl and polymer composites that keep in heat in the winter but also let it escape during hot days, these beautiful doors offer an excellent blend between function and style. With options such as polyvinyl composite material paired together with double-pane insulated glazing which will provide energy efficiency while still allowing natural light into your home throughout the day–sliding glass door is not only stylish looking but durable too!

Exterior Glass Doors

It’s always a beautiful sight to see the sun shining through one of our exterior glass doors. You might be tempted to think that they’re just fancy windows, but these are actually more than what meets the eye! Unlike traditional wood or fiberglass-framed sliding patio screens and storm panels which require painting in order for them not to fade under UV light exposure, our high quality tempered glass won’t yellow over time. In addition, some windows are insulated with argon gas between two layers of optical grade safety laminate film coated on both sides; you’ll get an R rating (the highest) so your house will look good from inside as well as outside.

Exterior Double Doors

Have you been looking for a beautiful and elegant entrance? Look no further, because we have the perfect door to fit your needs. Exterior double doors will provide both beauty as well as functionality with their swinging doors that open from either side of the frame! This is the type of door that invites people into your home, and one they’re sure to remember. These gorgeous exterior double front doors will make an excellent addition to your residence with their multiple insulation system that helps ensure comfort year round.

Residential Exterior Doors

If you’re tired of your old, outdated door with a faulty lock and need to replace it quickly for peace-of-mind, then these doors are perfect. They have many features that make homeowners happy including locksets, deadbolts which will keep intruders out regardless if they don’t know how to get in without breaking anything. Exterior doors provide protection and security for your home. They can be made of glass, wood or metal to suit a variety of tastes and needs.

At Windows of Texas, we have a wide selection of exterior wood doors for you to choose from. We carry many brands including Marvin, Kensington, & American Window Systems, which are known as some of the best in America. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to assist with all your questions about residential exterior doors.

Outswing Exterior Door

This is a door for the outside; it swings out on its hinges and has one side that opens to let people in or exit quickly. This door swings outwards so that you can easily open it from the outside. This is perfect for entrance doors to your home or business!

The Outswing Exterior Door brings a lot of convenience and style into any outdoor space with its smooth, modern design. The great thing about this door is not only how easy it makes getting in and out (plus cool air) but also how much energy efficiency has been maximized due to the seamless seal on both edges of each panel which helps keep heat inside during winter months while still letting natural light enter.

Our professionally installed doors are made from durable materials like sturdy plywood and hardy metals such as aluminum so you’ll have your entrance way looking fresh all year long without having to worry about it falling into disrepair any time soon. Windows of Texas genuinely wants your home to be as solid and comfortable inside as it is outside! Call us today to discuss your options and get a free quote.

And a Warranty to Match!

Product Warranty – under normal use the vinyl components of the window will not pit, crack or peel. All mechanical parts (balances, locks, vent locks, seals) are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Learn more about warranty at the bottom of the page.

Need New or Replacement Windows at DFW Metroplex Homes?

New & Replacement Windows for DFW Metroplex Homes!

New windows can do wonders for any living space! Not only do they give you a better view to the outside, but they also help homeowners save money on heating and cooling costs. As a result, your comfort indoors will greatly improve. Your home’s attractiveness and curb appeal will improve. It’s a definite positive benefit on your home’s appearance and your wallet.

Windows Of Texas is the premier window company to enlist for your installation or replacement job. We can help you choose the best brand of vinyl windows, replacement windows or new windows of any kind, design and size. The best part is, we do all the work for you and even offer a limited lifetime guarantee on all our products. You can truly reap the benefits of our quality products and affordable services.

Windows for New Construction

Considering building a new home? Why not tell your builder you want a better window than the normal construction or builder grade products that are typically offered to their customers. We offer high quality products from ten different manufacturers.

Replacement Windows

Do your windows at home not close all the way? Do you need a prop of some sort to keep them open? Do you cover them in plastic wrap to keep your air conditioning inside and the warm air out in the summer, and the cool air outside and the warm air inside during the winter? Are your windows too broken or damaged beyond repair? It’s time you install new windows! We can install them for you with ease, and more importantly, we can stay within your budget.We can replace your old, drafty or damaged windows with brand new ones. We can help you choose the perfect, energy-efficient windows that your home can benefit from as well as your family’s comfort.

Types of Windows


Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are beneficial to any living space. Vinyl windows are typically the most affordable. They can reduce heating and cooling costs as well as noise from outside, they’re easy to maintain, they’re recyclable and they can increase your home’s value. Not to mention, they look great!

Wood Windows

Wood is also strong and easy to work with, is a natural insulator and complements many forms of architecture. Compared to vinyl and fiberglass, wood window and door frames require more maintenance. Regular sealing, staining or painting is needed to prolong the beauty of the wood. That said, wood is one of the oldest building materials and has stood the test of time—so will your windows.

windows of texas wood windows from pella - Windows of Texas
windows of texas fiberglass windows from pella - Windows of Texas

Composite Windows

Composite windows mimic the look of wood, they do not come with the maintenance of a wood window, which means no more scraping or painting to keep windows looking sharp. While composite replacement window prices vary by the features selected, including window color and type of glass, they are also at least twice as expensive as the vinyl option. They are stronger than vinyl but are not as flexible if the house settles.

We Work With Quality Vendors

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