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The glass of the window is made energy efficient by the Low-E coating that’s applied by the manufacturers. There can be 2-4 coatings. The 2 traditional coatings provide additional energy efficiency. But the tradeoff is that each additional coating decreases the visible transmittance, meaning there’s less light in your home.

The frame is made energy efficient primarily by manufacturers adding chambers/air pockets which creates air pockets, which inhibits both air ingress and egress. Additionally, some manufacturers add foam insulation but the effects usually are negligible.

Depending upon the manufacturers, under normal conditions, it’s 4-6 weeks.

Currently, due to the pandemic, the wait time is 6-8 weeks.

At Windows of Texas, we don’t take a one shoe fits all approach. No one manufacturer makes windows that fit every circumstance. They may be limited by size, type, or color restrictions. We maintain relationships with many manufacturers so we can provide you, the customer, with whatever window is needed.

New window costs will vary depending on the window product chosen, whether it would be wood, fiberglass, or vinyl.

Secondarily there are series within each product type that have certain features or benefits that will vary in prices (think good, better, best– some of the common features are soundproofing, panoramic or expanded view, wind pressure, enhanced locking system, etc.)

Finally, another factor is code may require tempered glass, exterior or interior paint, additional Low-E coatings, and other features that the customer request that is not standard.

Windows of Texas will work with you to figure out the best solution in a no-pressure sales approach. Call now to schedule a meeting.

With proper maintenance, these windows should last 20+ years. Wood windows and even with cladded windows will require more maintenance. Fiberglass requires very little maintenance, unless painted. Vinyl requires no maintenance unless painted.

We provide a warranty for all our windows. Call us to get details.

Warranty varies by manufacturer. All manufacturers will cover the frame of the window with a limited lifetime warranty. Additionally, the insulated glass (IG) unit is warranted against seal failure. Other warranty options like glass breakage will vary by manufacturer.

Generally, half of the buying decision is based on the windows themselves and the other half, installation, is also very important to our clients.

Our installers are factory trained and install windows and doors exclusively. They are members of the good construction contractors list and the better business bureau (BBB). We provide installer’s liability coverage.

Normally we can install 6-8 windows per day.

Exterior doors can vary in price, and it depends on a number of factors. For instance, the quality or size may alter your door’s cost.

Doors come with various different qualities that will change up how much you’ll be paying for one from an interior to exterior installation job; there are also many types of sizes out there as well which could affect prices too.

The price can range anywhere from $500 to over $1,000 for a single door with no additional features like windows or insulation. It’s useful to know that if you’d like any added bells and whistles like windowed panels or interior sound-proofing, prices may go up depending on vendors and other factors.

Energy star windows are a great investment for any home. Not only will they save you money on your monthly energy bill, but these high-performance wonders can also increase the value of your property by up to 10%.

High performance is nothing new to people in this day and age; most have come across it at one time or another with their smartphones, tablets, refrigerators….and now their homes! Energy star windows are an excellent example of how technology can be used to do good things. They not only help keep utility bills down from month to month ($100-$300 annually), but also look great.

We all know that the world is going green. And as a homeowner, you should do what you can for the environment in order to protect our planet and combat climate change. One way you can help out this cause is by installing energy star windows on your home! Energy Star-rated windows save 30 percent more energy than standard ones – meaning less money spent over time!

Here are some other benefits you may not have thought about:

Energy star windows can save you up to $200 a year on heating and cooling costs
The U.S Department of Energy recommends replacing windows every 15-20 years, but energy star windows last for decades
Your new window will be more durable than an older one, meaning it’ll need less maintenance in the future
You could get a tax credit or rebate for having energy-efficient home improvements done by installing energy star windows! (Depending on where you live and current government credits)
A lot of people don’t know this but they have been proven to reduce noise pollution as well as heat infiltration into homes!
They also offer better insulation against outside air which means that your house stays warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer months.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but a door with a dog door proves them wrong! Etched on the exterior is a sturdy looking doggie-sized opening. Some doors come with a key lock that secures it when not in use so your dog doesn’t get out and run off to chase squirrels or fight with neighborhood dogs.

Whether you’re in the market for a new door or just want an upgrade, our exterior doors with a dog door will be perfect! We have various styles and colors to choose from. Chat with us and we’ll give you a quote for your new door.

New construction windows tend to be simpler and “regular” windows without a lot of bells and whistles, and are a great option for people who are on a budget. On the other hand replacement windows offer modern style and can have useful features such as energy star, thermal pane glasses or sound proofing.

One can choose from a number of benefits depending on which type they want to install in their home. Newer models are more energy efficient, so there will be less money spent each month. They also come with warranties that ensure durability for years down the road as long as one has taken care not to damage them too badly during installation or while cleaning up after themselves at any point afterward! Replacement units may seem expensive but rest assured- it’s worth every penny when you have peace of mind knowing your family is safe this winter because all those snow drifts won’t pile up around your window panes like before

Fiberglass windows are made from a composite of resins and plastic fibers. They’re lightweight, energy-efficient, durable alternatives to traditional glass window panes that let in more light than the latter. In addition, fiberglass has some antibacterial properties which means your house will be cleaner with less bacteria than if you had regular glass panes installed throughout the home!

Fiberglass Windows vs Glass: which is better? Fiberglass has got you covered with its durability and low weight; but if it’s too much transparency for your tastes then go ahead with transparent glass panes instead!

Since fiberglass windows are extremely durable, they are perfect for those that live in a hurricane-prone region.

Measurements are the key to success when shopping for a new window. It is important to know how many inches your windows measure across and each of their measurements in height and width before going out on an excursion that could turn into disaster if you purchase incorrectly sized replacements or have them installed improperly. Take accurate measurements from just inside the frame, because they will be off center by about 1/8 inch on both sides due to uneven sills where they rest against it as well as warped frames!

Here at Windows of Texas, we take this headache off of you. We will visit your home, take proper measurements and give you the best quote that’s right for you. Give us a call for a quote.

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