If you’re a homeowner in the greater Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex or North Texas area and you pay attention to technology designed to improve your home, you may have heard about residential window tints. But what are window tints, and do you really need them? Here’s a look into what you should know.

What Is Residential Window Tinting?

Also called solar window film, residential window tinting is the act of applying a thin layer of film to the windows that helps to block out ultraviolet rays. The tinting process looks very similar to what you would see on a car with tinted windows. However, more advanced technology that’s available today means that instead of having darkened windows, there are numerous window tints available, ranging from shaded to colored to practically invisible.

Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

There are multiple reasons why residential window tinting may be a smart investment.
Benefits include:

  1. Improved climate control. If you want to keep temperatures and climate within your home more consistent, window tinting can help. By blocking out rays, temperatures will stay more manageable, leading to constant temperatures.
  2. Enhanced energy efficiency. When temperatures are consistent within the home, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to regulate things and keep air cool. This means that in addition to more comfortable temperatures, you’ll also benefit from improved energy efficiency (and potential cost savings).
  3. Reduced glare. Not only does window tinting reflect the sun’s heat, but glare as well. Whether you’re reading a book or watching TV, glare can get in the way of comfort. 
  4. Protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. You can get burned through glass. To protect your eyes and your skin when you’re indoors, especially when UV rays are strongest, residential window tinting is an option.
  5. Improved safety. Something that is often overlooked when considering the benefits of residential window tinting is the fact that tinting can actually make glass safer. Indeed, if glass is damaged or broken, the tint can hold the shards together, mitigating serious injuries.

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