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New windows can do wonders for any living space! Not only do they give you a better view to the outside, but they also help save homeowners money on heating and cooling costs. As a result, your comfort indoors will greatly improve. Your home's attractiveness and curb appeal will improve. It’s a definite positive benefit on your home's appearance and your wallet.

Windows Of Texas is the premier window company to enlist for your installation or replacement job. We can help you choose the best brand of vinyl windows, replacement windows or new windows of any kind, design and size. The best part is, we do all the work for you and even offer a limited lifetime guarantee on all our products. You can truly reap the benefits of our quality products and affordable services. 

Window Installation

New Construction, Replacement, & Window Types

New Windows

Considering building a new home?  Why not tell your builder you want a better window than the normal construction or builder grade products that are typically offered to their customers.  We offer high quality products from ten different manufacturers.

Replacement Windows

 Do your windows at home not close all the way? Do you need a prop of some sort to keep them open? Do you cover them in plastic wrap to keep your air conditioning inside and the warm air out in the summer, and the cool air outside and the warm air inside during the winter? Are your windows too broken or damaged beyond repair? It’s time you install new windows! We can install them for you with ease, and more importantly, we can stay within your budget.We can replace your old, drafty or damaged windows with brand new ones. We can help you choose the perfect, energy-efficient windows that your home can benefit from as well as your family’s comfort.

Types of  Windows

  • Vinyl windows are beneficial to any living space. Vinyl windows are typically the most affordable. They can reduce heating and cooling costs as well as noise from outside, they’re easy to maintain, they’re recyclable and they can increase your home’s value. Not to mention, they look great!
  • Wood is also strong and easy to work with, is a natural insulator and complements many forms of architecture. Compared to vinyl and fiberglass, wood window and door frames require more maintenance. Regular sealing, staining or painting is needed to prolong the beauty of the wood.  That said, wood is one of the oldest building materials and has stood the test of time—so will your windows.
  • Fiberglass windows are stronger and more durable than most windows, including all-wood windows. Extreme temperatures have almost no impact on fiberglass, so they are less prone to expansion and contraction. Fiberglass windows are more expensive than most all the other products, excepting some rare hardwood windows.
  • Composite windows mimic the look of wood, they do not come with the maintenance of a wood window, which means no more scraping or painting to keep windows looking sharp. While composite replacement window prices vary by the features selected, including window color and type of glass, they are also at least twice as expensive as the vinyl option. They are stronger than vinyl but are not as flexible if the house settles.  
  • Aluminum windows and doors are becoming an increasingly popular choice for contemporary buildings, both from a residential and commercial standpoint. Due to the strength of aluminum, less material is required in the frame to hold the glass.  However, because metal is a conductor of both heat and cold, even with thermal locks, it is increasingly more difficult for these windows to meet energy code standards on a replacement basis. They are now more expensive than vinyl.

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